A list of links to various bee related sites. Please note that this list is only provided for ease of access to topics of interest; inclusion in this list does not signal endorsement of any particular product or business.



The British Columbia Honey Producers Association Online Membership Form & Payment – don’t forget to fill out West Kootenay Beekeepers under Affiliate Club! BeeCene Archives

Bee Source

The largest Bee forum in the world found here

2 thoughts on “Links”

  1. Hi Axel! Can you repost the link that is in your top bar hive instructions? The one with the 16x18X10 dimensions that’s a bit bigger than the Chandler hive?


  2. Axel
    There is an Apitherapy conference coming to Nelson Feb 18-21 that I can send you a link to for the Bee News. It is
    If you reply by your personal email address I can send you the proper link, and correspond about some questions I have for this coming season.
    Trevor Janz

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