A list of links to various bee related sites. Please note that this list is only provided for ease of access to topics of interest; inclusion in this list does not signal endorsement of any particular product or business.



The British Columbia Honey Producers Association Online Membership Form & Payment – don’t forget to fill out West Kootenay Beekeepers under Affiliate Club! BeeCene Archives

Bee Source

The largest Bee forum in the world found here

Workshop Information

Information from Kenneth’s Oxalic Acid presentation (2022-11-08). Power Point slides from Cranbrook “Disease & Antibiotics” presentation.

2 thoughts on “Links”

  1. Hi Axel! Can you repost the link that is in your top bar hive instructions? The one with the 16x18X10 dimensions that’s a bit bigger than the Chandler hive?


  2. Axel
    There is an Apitherapy conference coming to Nelson Feb 18-21 that I can send you a link to for the Bee News. It is
    If you reply by your personal email address I can send you the proper link, and correspond about some questions I have for this coming season.
    Trevor Janz

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