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Werner Gysi’s Modified Method

Werner Gysi’s modified springtime method of; Swarm Control, Varroa Control, and Queen Replacement: He calls it SMC, sustainable mite control (everyone has to have a three letter acronym!) Timing: is when the dandelions are in full bloom. This will vary from one beekeeper to another due to the microclimates of the bee yard locations. Dandelion… Continue reading Werner Gysi’s Modified Method

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Another method to apply oxalic acid

At our February 5 meeting, beekeeper Brian mentioned the Randy Oliver article about applying oxalic acid dissolved in glycerin and soaked into blue shop towels. This provides a third  method to use oxalic acid to control Varroa mites in addition to the drizzle and vapourization methods. Below is the link to the article on Randy… Continue reading Another method to apply oxalic acid

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Zombie (zombee??) Bees.

You may have seen the latest horror show headlines that the media is jumping on. Just got the following e-mail from Paul van Westendorp, our provincial apiarist to put things into perspective: "The confirmation of the phorid fly in a beehive on Vancouver Island is nothing more than an academic curiosity. It doesn’t pose a… Continue reading Zombie (zombee??) Bees.

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Beekeepers’ Gathering March 6

The next monthly Beekeeper's Gathering will be Sunday, March 6th from 1 to 3 in the afternoon at Paul Taylor's place, 987 Bridgeview Road in Ootischenia. This is an open gathering with no fees or memberships involved. You’re invited to bring any questions, news or ideas. Everyone’s welcome from total newbies to those who have… Continue reading Beekeepers’ Gathering March 6