Bee Awareness Society

The Bee Awareness Society installs glass observation hives in local  schools to provide teachers and students with a “live learning tool.” Along with an educational session, an observation hive in a classroom setting provides the inspiration for both creative arts and science learning.

2017 heralds the third year of the society’s activities. The initial, single hive, pilot project has grown exponentially; 20 requests for hives have been received from schools all over the Columbia Basin. The society has also put observation hives in the Frog Peak Café in Crescent Valley and the Selkirk College Library on Castlegar Campus in order to expand the educational opportunities for those outside the K-12 school system.

Important Lessons:
• Responsible stewardship of a healthy environment
• Honey bee (Apis mellifera) biology
• The importance of pollination to the human food supply
• Impacts on bees of chemicals in the environment
• Diseases and threats currently faced by bee populations

This project brings people together from all over the region, including those from different ethnic backgrounds, socioeconomic status, age and ability. The project is maintained by a small group of keen volunteers who build hives, raise bees, and give presentations to classes. The overwhelming demand for these hives necessitates fundraising in order to keep the program growing. All cash donations, corporate sponsorships, material donations and in-kind labour are gratefully accepted.

It is through education that the biggest impact can be made towards saving these amazing creatures.

Fundraiser 2018

The Bee Awareness Society is announcing a Silent Art Auction at the Frog Peak Café. The auction will run from August 1st to September 30th and the BAS is looking for donations  of creative art to be picked up no later than July 30th. Please contact us with any questions you may have. Thank you… Continue reading Fundraiser 2018

BAS Sponsors

Many thanks to all our sponsors who make the ongoing activities of the Bee Awareness Society possible. It is only through gifts of time, money, and supplies that we are able to bring observation hives into regional classrooms. Sponsors West Kootenay Beekeepers Kootenay Slocan Lions Club Kootenay Co-op Kalesnikoff Lumber Nelson Building Centre Maglio Building… Continue reading BAS Sponsors