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Canadian Wildlife Federation Certification

For all of the Gardeners in our midst, the Canadian Wildlife Federation is collecting information on Garden Habitats. These areas come in all shapes and sizes! From a balcony container garden for pollinators to a forested acreage for our larger member of the animal community. Check out the CWF online registration form here: Or… Continue reading Canadian Wildlife Federation Certification

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Development of a Pest Management Plan

For those of you who missed this week's paper, attached is a pdf of the application by Drinkwater Environmental Services to develop a pest management plan for the Southern Interior. They are asking for feedback by Friday, February 22, 2019. We will be discussing this issue at the February meeting. Pest Management Plan NoticeDownload


Queen bees less likely to lay after insecticide exposure

Queen bees less likely to lay eggs, start colony after insecticide exposure - Kate Bueckert, CBC News Queen bumblebees exposed to niamethoxam, a commonly used insecticide, are less likely to build colonies, which according to researchers could lead to extinction. Photo: Victoria Wickens/University of Reading "Creating new bee colonies is vital for the survival of… Continue reading Queen bees less likely to lay after insecticide exposure