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December “Meeting”

We will not have a regular meeting in December. Instead we will, as we have done pre-Covid, resume our pre-Christmas candle making workshop. In the past, Paul Taylor would graciously host us at his place.

This year Leana, at Honey House Beekeeping Supplies, has offered to run the workshop at her place in Glade.

So……. It will happen on Sunday, December 4th, starting at noon. Be sure to dress warmly as the candle dipping station will be outdoors so that the layers on the dipped candles can harden quickly. In addition, we will have other stations in Laena’s workshop area for cast molded candles, tea light candles, rolled foundation candles, and beeswax food wraps. To get there, turn in at the Glade Esso, go past the mailboxes, turn right onto Dejong Road, and then just around the corner to #2367. Laena will have her sign out. Finished products will be weighed and charged at 3 cents per gram which is the going price of beeswax this year at $30/kg. Tea light bases and foundation sheets may be an additional cost. The club will cover the cost of wicking.

What to bring……. 1) if you have clean wax it will be welcome and you will receive credit toward the candles you take home, 2) if you want to make food wraps, please bring the COTTON fabric that you want to impregnate with beeswax, we will have some scraps available if you just want to try your hand, 3) some shareable snacks, cookies, Christmas baking, will definitely be welcome, 4) as it will get dark quickly, a headlamp may definitely help at the dipping station to see what you are doing, 5) a folding chair, as Laena has mentioned that she does not have many.