BCHPA Membership and Educational Videos

The 100th anniversary BCHPA general meeting could not happen this year due to Covid so five Zoom meetings were run instead, during the month of November. If you are a member, you would have received notice of these meetings and may have tuned in to them. If you missed them for some reason, they have now been posted on the website and can be accessed there;


They are the top four green ones plus the one by Paul vW, “In Defence of Bees”. Heather Higo and Julia Common’s “Morning in the Beeyard” is particularly well suited for beginner beekeepers. The yellow pages below and following are the videos recorded at past conferences. Take a look around, you will definitely learn something new. It will also give you an idea of what the Education Days at the regular meetings have been like and what the association hopes to run again after Covid.Also, at this time of year, it is time to renew your BCHPA membership for 2021 or perhaps join if you have not done so before. The membership benefits are listed;


The two main benefits are of course your quarterly subscription to “BeesCene”, the excellent provincial beekeeping magazine as well as the quarterly issues of “HiveLights”, the Canadian Honey Council publication. For the average small scale beekeeper with less than 25 hives, this is only $40. You can also opt to purchase third party group insurance and wild fire insurance if your beeyard is located in the bush. And if you register before the end of January 2021, our local club gets a refund of $10 which covers your local club dues. After January, it will cost you $50. Granted, you haven’t got much for your $10 this past year, but hopefully we will be able to start meetings again after the vaccine becomes available, but also outdoor meetings when it gets warmer in spring. So I encourage you to have a look around on the BCHPA site. You will definitely find something of interest and perhaps some things that you had no idea existed. Happy Beekeeping. 🐝

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