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Bee Packages

If you happen to be going to the lower mainland soon, you may be interested in the email that I received from Beekeeper Lindsay;
“We’re sitting on a number of Arataki Packaged bees due to arrive on March 23rd, and are looking to move them at a great discount.
Bulk Rates for packages are as follows:
20-49 Packages: $203
50-100 Packages: $193
The rate of $193 is below purchase price, so it’s an amazing deal for anyone looking to buildup their apiary.  Packages arrive on March 23, and will be available for pickup until March 25th at the very latest.
If you know anyone that’s interested in purchasing any please email;
Hopefully we can find these girls a home!”
I have no further information on these packages, so if you have questions, please email or phone Jonathan directly at Urban Bee Supplies;