BBQ rained out

Hi folks. So it’s been raining here in Castlegar all day today (Saturday) and I checked tonight with Dave in Harrop about the weather tomorrow. The prediction for tomorrow is showers pretty much all day and up to 70% chance of rain. So unfortunately we’ve decided that we have to cancel the event. We would not want to open the hives in colder weather anyway. So very, very sorry that we have to call the meeting. Please pass this notice on to anyone that you can think may need to hear it, and sorry for the short notice.  😦

2 thoughts on “BBQ rained out”

  1. It was a perfect call as it was raining on & off starting 11 am ’till 7pm here in Balfour and across in Harrop I’m sure. Chuck

    ****************************** ckp from iPad3 🕉 🐝 🇨🇦 ☯ Life is a flow of love, your participation is requested.

    Život je tok lásky, Tvá spoluůčast se očekává. ******************************


  2. Hi Axel Forgot during our conversation yesterday to ask you for the small observation hive. I would like to have it for July 6th “Balfour Daze?” A booth has been arranged for West Kootenay Beekeepers. Would have a banner of some sort as well?

    Thanks Dave

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