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First Meeting of 2019

Hello Beeks. This is your reminder of our first 2019 meeting this coming Sunday 6 January at Paul’s place, 987 Bridgeview Road, in sunny Ootischenia, starting at 13:00. As I mentioned in the previous post, our club shirts have arrived, looking great. So if you ordered one at the October meeting, we will have it there for pick up. Please bring cash or your cheque book as we cannot do debit or credit cards. Topics of discussion will be;

1.  Laena suggested the idea of mentorship so that more experienced beeks could perhaps team up with beginners in their home area for an exchange of knowledge in return for say, a younger, stronger back??  🙂

2. Another topic for discussion will be the provincial grant that Jeff Lee of Swan Valley Honey in Creston has managed to get to cover the expense of shipping bee boxes of comb down to Coquitlam for Iotron treatment. If we are interested in taking part in this, we will need to talk about the organization of packaging, and a central drop off point. Jeff has also managed to get a second grant to start a study of the health benefits of mushroom extracts on bees which should be interesting.

3. We will not have a raffle this time as we do not have a sufficient amount of sugar donated yet. But we would sure like your empty bucket back if you still have one. 😉

4. As always, we will have time for a question with 2 or 3 answers. Bring some leftover holiday goodies that need eating.

5. Finally, this will be your 90 day notice (as required by our constitution) of our Annual General Meeting for this year. It will be held on Sunday 7 April, probably at the Castlegar Public Library, which is yet to be booked. Since 2019 is an odd numbered year, the positions of president and regional representative to the BCHPA are up for election as Axel and Gavin have completed their 2-year terms. So if you would like to run for either of these positions, or would like to nominate someone else, please let us know so that we can inform the general membership. Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday the 6th.