Sugar Raffle

At Sunday’s meeting (4 February) we will have our first ever sugar raffle. The sugar has been generously donated by the Castlegar No Frills store. The sugar is in 5 – gallon pails and weighs 35 – 40 pounds. Presently we have 5 pails to raffle off just in time for spring feeding. If you do win a sugar pail, please have an empty pail with you to take the sugar. We need the club pails to take back to the store for refilling. So here are the raffle rules;

1.  Tickets are $2 each, or 3 for $5.

2.  The order in which tickets are picked is the order in which prizes are chosen. Tickets will be drawn until all prizes have been taken.

3.  Buying 3 tickets will give you 3 chances to win but you can only win once. Once you have won, your other 2 tickets become invalid. We want other people to win as well.

If you have any other items to donate to the raffle as prizes, we will gladly accept them. See you at Sunday’s meeting and hope you find this a fun activity.