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An Easy Swarm Catch

Just found this short video on another site and thought it worth posting here. It beautifully shows;

1. how docile and non-aggressive a swarm is, 2. how bees tend to walk uphill when they are swarming and how this can be used to hive them, and 3. the queen walking along with the rest of the bees. Enjoy.

Ferry Schutzelaars of the Smart Beeing organisation guides a bee swarm into a Golden Hive. Live and Let Bee project visits England.

1 thought on “An Easy Swarm Catch”

  1. Hi Axel It is beautiful. Happy New Year.

    Bee Awareness is planning a potluck gathering

    inviting community in March on a Sat or Sun.

    We would like you to attend. Is there any Sat

    or Sun that you are not able to attend. We are

    in the process of booking the Vallican Whole Hall

    if they have any weekend days available. Looking

    forward to your reply. Linda Martin


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