Top Bar Hives made to order

Ken Lockhart of Grand Forks is making top bar hives according to Wyatt Mangum specifications and Kootenay climate adaptions. These hives are deep enough (10″) to take the standard deep Lang frames that you are most likely to get if you buy a nuc from a bee breeder. They are constructed of “2 by” lumber (1.5″ thick) to better withstand our cold winters. As you can see from the pictures there is a hinged side window, a screened floor with slider board below, and a vented roof that will accommodate a 2″ styrofoam insulation slab for winter. The hive comes equipped with bevel edged top bars as well as a solid follower board and a queen excluder. If you would like to see a display model, Paul Taylor has one at Kootenay Beekeeping Supplies.  If you are interested in having Ken build one of these for you, you can reach him at:   kenbettylockhart@gmail.com

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