Dave Johnson’s Field Day Sunday 26 June

Greetings all,
Dave Johnson’s annual field day is scheduled for Sunday 26th June, 11 am. This is always a great event for beekeepers to socialize, share their trials and tribulations and/or just catching up.
Dave will have a sign up. After getting off the (HARROP) ferry, follow the road until you cross a bridge. Turn left on Ogilvie right after the bridge. They are at the end of the road.
Following are some possible demos…..
1. Using wintergreen and oil as a mite treatment
2. One of my swarm control management tools.
3. Info on a treatment he has used for chalk brood
4. Possible demo on uniting a hive
5. Sugar shake method of mite detection
Plus anything anyone else would like to demo or discuss.
Bring a bagged lunch, a chair, your beesuit.
Everyone and anyone is welcome to attend.
See you there!