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Installing a Lang nuc into a TBH

For those folks that are getting a Langstroth nuc from their bee supplier and are  wanting to install it into a top bar hive but are not quite sure how to proceed,  I’ve put together a short instruction article. Have a look and see if this works for you. Please let me know if anything is unclear or could be improved. This is a work in progress and I will change it as I get questions and suggestions.

LangNuc into TBH

1 thought on “Installing a Lang nuc into a TBH”

  1. Hi Axel, We have been installing langstroth into top bars for a while but having been using the cutting tyeing method which is a bit traumatic at first but the bees seem to recover just fine. We also have two topbars which are wide enough to take the langstroth bars with a bit of trimming to fit. This year though, we are trying something different. We are going to start by putting them into two langstroth hives and then adding bars which have been modified to fit into the top bar hive, and then move them to the top bar when we split the hive next year. We experimented with this last year when we caught two swarms from our hives and had run out of topbar hives for them – so we put them in a langstroth. This pretty well means that every time we get new bees in the form of a nuc we have to go through this, but we are going to give this a try and see how it feels. Thank you for sharing your method 🙂 )Morgen and Ric in New Denver)

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