Where to get bees 2016.01

My first installment of “Where to get bees” for this year.

1. So far I have only heard from Dave Johnson who e-mailed,

“I have ordered 75 pkgs but as yet have no idea of prices.  They have typically increased 4-5% per year but with the exchange rates, who knows where it will go. In any event, we are taking orders and info from possible buyers and will advise later when prices are firm.”

Last year these New Zealand packages were about $200. If you are interested you can e-mail Dave. He generally needs your order in by end of February;


2. As for local nucs, they are generally not available until later in May or even early June and I will not get information from the producers until they can check their hives to see what the winter survival rate is and what kind of strength the hives have this spring. As I get this info, I will post update installments to this posting.