Upcoming Bee Courses

The Winter/Spring edition of the Selkirk College Continuing Education calendar should be in you mailbox by now. On pages 75 – 77 you will find the bee related courses that are being offered this spring. I have posted all the dates, times, and locations in the “Upcoming Events” column to the right. Since we have to work around holidays like Family Day, Easter, and school spring break, some of the offerings will be on the same day. So you may have to make some choices as to what you want to attend.

Nette Lack and I will again be offering “Beekeeping for Beginners” in Castlegar which consists of two 6-hour classroom sessions followed by 6 monthly field days. This course is designed to take the beginning beekeeper through his or her first year of keeping bees.

I will also be offering “Beekeeping in a Weekend” in Nakusp and Grand Forks. These consist of the same two 6-hour classroom sessions as above but are followed by only one field day. This course is more for folks who just want to know more about honeybees and are wondering if maybe they would like to try keeping bees.

Christina Yahn is offering two different courses in Nelson. The first, “Introductory Beekeeping for Beginners” consists of four 4-hour classroom sessions plus local field days. The second, “Advanced Beekeeping” also consists of four 4-hour classroom sessions, queen rearing, and local field days. For more information see Christina’s website;     https://thequeensbeesproject.wordpress.com/contact/

Jean Jones is offering two different courses in Castlegar and Nelson. Each is a two and a half hour classroom session. The first, “Beeswax Natural Body Products for your Skin”, will teach you how to make Honey Lip Balm, Beeswax Lotion Bar, and Honey Skin Scrub. The second course is about BOMBs  (Blue Orchard Mason Bees).  You will learn how to attract these beneficial pollinators to your garden and how to build a Mason Bee house………….a BOMB shelter?   😉

You can find the online registration page for Selkirk College – Recreation and Leisure;   http://selkirk.ca/ce/courses/recreation-leisure/bears-bees-birds-butterflies