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BC Honey Production Survey 2015

I received the following email from Paul vW, our provincial apiarist. Please consider doing this survey. It helps with provincial and national honey stats and is completely confidential;

October 29, 2015
To:                         BC Beekeepers
RE:                         ANNUAL BEEKEEPING PRODUCTION SURVEY 2015
The annual beekeeping production survey has started. This year’s form is a bit shorter because questions about wintering results have been covered by the spring survey.
The electronic version may take less than 10 minutes. Please use the link to access the form directly;

I have attached a WORD document of the survey form for those who prefer to submit and mail their information to the address below.

Please submit your production information by November 06,
When filling out the form, please answer ALL questions. Where there is no production, enter ‘0’.
Make sure to indicate where you keep bees, as this will allow for regional statistics.
Your information is anonymous when we receive it. Even when you include your identity, the information remains confidential.
Beekeepers have expressed a preference to use “pounds” instead of “kilograms”. When you use kilograms (kg), please indicate clearly.

The collected information is strictly used for statistical purposes. Upon completion, the estimated production figures will be shared with you, other provinces and federal agencies.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly.
Thanks for your participation!

Paul van Westendorp P.Ag.
Provincial Apiculturist
1767 Angus Campbell Road
Abbotsford, BC V3G 2M3
ph. 604-556-3129
fx.  604-556-3015

SURVEY Form 2015