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Christina Yahn’s Wintergreen Varroa Treatment

Some of you have asked for the wintergreen treatment that Christina uses. Here it is copied from her FaceBook page;

“Treatment is 15 mL of pure essential oil of wintergreen into 1/2 cup of olive oil. If the mites are high, use up to 30 mL to 1/2 cup.

Soak about 2 teaspoons of this mix into absorbent pads or folded paper towels.

Place the pads on your mite slider board under the bottom screen, or you can just smear the oil directly on the mite board.

Leave the pads or paper towels in the hive for 48 hrs, then do another mite count to see how many drop. Do not be alarmed as there should be a significant drop in mites. Repeat the process every 2 weeks.

If there is uncapped honey in the hive there is a chance it will be flavoured with wintergreen so harvest your honey before treatment…although I have never had it flavour the honey and its best to get on treatments asap before winter.

Wintergreen has been shown to have very low, to no toxicity used in full strength on honeybees. I have used this for about 4 years now…its all I do aside from splits. Works for me.”

If you are on FaceBook, Christina is willing to answer any questions you have if you send her a message there.

2 thoughts on “Christina Yahn’s Wintergreen Varroa Treatment”

  1. Hi Sharon,

    I would use a fabric cloth so the bees do not chew up the paper, you can place it on the solid bottom board or you can place it on top of the frames as well 🙂 best of luck with your bees.

  2. Thank you for the timely varroa treatment information, I was looking for a natural treatment. I have a solid bottom board on my hive, should I place the pads / or paper towels on that board? or can they be placed on top of the frames of the second brood box? Thanking you, Sharon Kiehlbauch

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