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Drone Congregation Area Field Day

Liz Huxter has sent in the following message:

Hi Folks,
Looks like it might not be so crazy hot on Saturday, only 24˚C, so I think I’ll get some virgin queens ready to take a flight with balloons for this coming Saturday (13 June) afternoon.You are welcome to come help explore for Drone Congregation Areas (DCAs).

Please bring if you have any of the following:

Cell Phone (for communicating between groups)
Fishing pole with reel and line (as light as possible)
Balloons with helium (I bought ours at the dollar store hopefully tougher than previous ones)
Lunch with drinks and snacks
Sun protection, good walking shoes
Folding chair (for lunch and dinner)
Dinner items if you are staying for potluck

Please let me know if you plan to attend and if you have a group organized already that is fully equipped. I don’t have any fishing poles with reels…..
I will prepare some maps and we can discuss the best areas to test out over lunch and organize groups. Then afterward we can have a potluck dinner at a venue to be discussed (our home, city park, or out at Christina Lake and have a swim). We can supply plates, napkins, etc. in any case. So let’s meet at 4880 Well Rd. (our house) at 12 noon on Saturday, 13 June.

Let me know if you have any ideas about better balloons etc or questions.

Here’s hoping we find at least one DCA……looking forward to a fun bee adventure,

Please contact Liz to let her know you are coming;     or    250.442.5204

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