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Beekeeper’s Gathering on Sunday, June 7th

The next monthly Beekeeper’s Gathering is coming up this Sunday, June 7th from 1 to 3 in the afternoon at Flying Leap Farm in beautiful downtown Ootischenia.   As always, everyone is welcome no matter what their experience level.  Bring your questions, comments, ideas, and any interested friends.  Between the early Spring, weird weather, and swarms, there’s plenty to talk about.  There’s also been a surge in the number of local top-bar users — we’d love to hear your tips and experiences.

This will be the last of these get-togethers until Fall, as the first Sunday of each Summer month is in the middle of a 3-day weekend.  We’ll keep you posted…

See you this weekend,

Paul Taylor
Flying Leap Farm
987 Bridgeview Rd
Castlegar BC V1N 4K9

1 thought on “Beekeeper’s Gathering on Sunday, June 7th”

  1. I will be there with copies of the new book, “Keepers of the Bees” for sale. It profiles beekeepers and beekeeping in the Kootenays (aka, people you know!). Books are $36.95 ea. Listen to the audio of some of our interviews and explore other resources at
    ❤ Karen.

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