Building the Wyatt A. Mangum (WAM) Top Bar Hive

I have been asked to post some instructions for how to build a Wyatt Mangum (WAM) style top bar hive for people who want to get started while they are waiting to order his book as part of a group order to reduce shipping charges. So I will try………

Really good step-by-step instructions are online by Phil Chandler from the UK;

The changes you want to make to get a WAM TBH are;

1.   the shape of the follower boards. Use the 16″ x 10″ x 8″ dimensions shown here as opposed to the 15″ x 11″ x 5″ shown by Chandler.  WAM template

2.   place the entrance holes in the end of the hive rather than in the long sides.

3.   make the top bars 19″ long instead of 17″. This way they will fit into a Lang hive where you can have the bees start them, then move them to the top bar.

4.   use “2 by” lumber  (1.5″)  rather than “1 by”  (0.75″).   This change is optional. Thicker lumber is more insulative for a Canadian winter but of course will make the hive quite heavy, okay if it’s not going to move and also won’t blow over. Thinner lumber is okay if you plan to add insulation in the winter.