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Where to get bees this spring (update #1)

Further to Sunday’s meeting here is the latest information that I have about getting bees this spring.

1.  Dave Johnson of West Arm Apiaries is importing some bee packages from New Zealand, due to arrive before the end of April.  If you’re interested, get in touch with him at 250-229-4765  or  Orders have to be in by mid-February, but don’t wait too long; there are fewer than 50 packages available as of this writing.

2.  Liz Huxter has e-mailed that she has about 25 nucs still available. They will be $160.00 this year and will be available around May 15. You can e-mail her;

3.  Cory Greidanus in Cranbrook will try to produce nucs this year for the first time. You can contact him;

4.  Rick Kennedy in Fernie is bringing in New Zealand packages through Scandia in Brooks, Alberta. He needs to have your order in to him by end of February. The packages will arrive on April 24. The cost is $180.00 this year. If you are interested you can e-mail him;

5.  Bee suppliers farther afield in BC can be contacted via the BC Bee Breeders website;