West Kootenay Beekeepers Meeting

Apologies for any confusion!! The meeting that was in the “upcoming events” list on the right scheduled for this Sunday, Nov 2, has been moved to the following Sunday, Nov 9. This will double as a meeting of the West Kootenay Division of the BCHPA. Some of the executive members had prior commitments for Nov 2.

An agenda is yet to be determined but Axel will report on the recent BCHPA  AGM that was held in Richmond on Sept 25 – 27 and also the Michael Bush workshop that was held in Vancouver on Oct 18. And of course, as usual, there will be time for questions and exchange of ideas, as well as chance to commiserate over the poor honey harvest this year. Sigh……….

Location will probably be Selkirk College, but stay tuned on that.