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Dorg’s 2013 Honey

A good news short story

The following story was written by my friend Dave Doroghy who goes by the nickname “Dorg”. He’s one of those larger-than-life people that we all have the good fortune to meet once in a while, always smiling and joking around, full of ideas and ever the witty turn of phrase. You know the type, right?

As you will learn from the story, his sister, Miriam who is a beekeeper friend of mine convinced him to let her put a hive on his houseboat. As it turned out, they did very well last year producing a lot of honey. Dave really had not that much to do with it although he assures me he sent the bees good vibes every day and always played music that they could relate to like The Bee Gees, The Beeatles, BeeTO, The Beeach Boys, and of course Beethoven. Anyway, enjoy his tongue-in-cheek account that he included with each jar of honey that his family and friends got for Christmas………

Click Here: Dorg’s Honey