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East Kootenay Beekeepers Mini Convention

From Lance Cuthill:

“Hello Beekeepers:

You are cordially invited to the East Kootenay Beekeepers Mini Conference. Attached are two registration documents. (one in .pdf and the other .docx format). Dr. Medhat Nasr, Alberta Provincial Apiarist will be the speaker at this one day conference. (See details on the attachment).  Specific topics have yet to be finalized. We will mail them out to you when Medhat gets back to us. There will definitely be time for questions to Medhat, as well as sharing time for successes and disappointments from attendees. Lunch and coffee break are included in the cost.

This event is being subsidized through funds raised from the Cranbrook, BCHPA Convention, so costs are well below what you might expect. We would very much appreciate your registrations be sent in by March 15 so room and lunch preparations can be finalized.  We are planning some fun events to go with lunch and breaks.

Please do register and join in to find out what’s new in beekeeping. Call Bobby (250.426.6049) or Sharon (250.489.3068) for further information.

Looking forward to meeting you all.